Industry Applications

Sentek products can be used in a wide range of applications and industries. Our electrodes are manufactured accurately with first-class engineering and are ideal for quality results in applications such as industrial, education, laboratories, food and beverage, swimming pools, cosmetics, biotechnology, biofuels, agriculture, environment, photography, and more.

From PI11 electrodes equipped with a Ryton body suitable for the rigours of industrial settings, to the P13 Semi Micro electrode that is ideal for semi-micro and low-volume samples thanks to its extended narrow body length, our clients can take advantage of our wide range of products for almost any application.

Food & Beverage

To maintain hygienic food safety standards, the food and beverage industry relies on quality electrochemical measurement with the aid of our durable and accurate electrodes.

In order to maintain consistent quality for processed food, meat, cheese, wine, cereals, beverages and more, food industry professionals rely on quality control measures derived from accurate pH measurements. High-quality electrodes work towards ensuring compliance with consumers and regulatory bodies.


Science and medicine classrooms require accurate and durable electrodes in order to instruct future generations of scientists, doctors, and researchers.

Our electrodes provide reliable and accurate results in educational settings, including university laboratories and research settings, traditional classroom settings, and science workshops for students and instructors to use.


Scientific and research laboratories depend on accurate and reliable testing with Sentek’s range of electrodes. Various laboratory settings have specific requirements for electrode materials and different applications call for specific products. Sentek offers a wide range to cater to this industry.

Our electrodes are suitable for laboratory settings such as the measurement of biological samples, pharmaceuticals, rapidly-changing temperatures, flat surfaces, viscous and non-aqueous samples, drinking water, wastewater, and much more.

Swimming Pools

Recreational swimming pools and hotels & resorts with swimming pools depend on accurate testing to ensure that the pool water is safe and contains the right chlorination so as to provide the benefits of chlorine without leading to over chlorination and its side effects.

Sentek carries a wide selection of sensors suitable for swimming pool water testing which yields accurate results for pH levels and salt chlorination so that pool owners can adjust chlorination levels adequately for the comfort and safety of pool users.


Professionals in the field of biotechnology rely on high-quality electrochemical measurements provided by Sentek’s range of electrodes for data analysis and process control.

Our electrochemical electrodes for pH, oxygen, carbon dioxide and redox potential measurement are suitable for bioprocess control and can be made either directly in the bioreactor or in the laboratory.

Sentek’s electrodes can also provide the basis for the development of biosensors.


Field applications for electrodes include general-purpose outdoors field testing of soils, water, and other substances such as tree sap. Field electrodes must therefore be portable, durable, and adaptable to rugged terrain and environments including marshland, woods, or extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Sentek offers a wide selection of accurate and reliable field electrodes. Our field electrodes are built to withstand the intended use in outdoor settings whilst providing accurate results such as pH levels and conductivity.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water quality monitoring is an essential component of most industrial water, municipal water and wastewater treatment systems. This could include monitoring pH, conductivity and ORP levels to ensure water is safe to drink or be discharged into the environment.

Sentek specialise in manufacturing pH, Conductivity, and ORP sensors, as well as DO2 and Ion Selective Electrodes, to help plants ensure their treatment processes deliver the required results.


Environmental analysis such as water treatment methods relies on substantive results from quality electrochemical measurement of our natural environment. Whether it’s our own drinking water or the natural habitats of flora and fauna, from oceans to rivers and our built municipal sewage or aquariums, controlling the quality of water is essential.

Organisations around the world seeking to improve drinking water quality, identify pollutants generated by industrial processes, and analyse the effects of corrosion, water softeners, or other contamination of water sources can rely on the quality electrodes manufactured by Sentek.

Electroplating and Metal Finishing

Whether it be preparing electroplating solutions and chemicals, controlling pH in the electroplating process or treating electroplating wastewater, we have a range of sensors to suit your specific requirements.


The cosmetics industry relies on accurate pH measurements for quality control purposes, to help ensure consistency between batches of a product, and that the properties of the product are within the specified guidelines. Sentek’s high-quality, durable electrodes are ideal for cosmetic applications and we have many designs that can be easily cleaned and stored, making them ideal for this industry.

Bio Fuels

Biofuels such as bioethanol and biodiesel which aim to be cleaner alternatives to petrochemicals must be consistently free of impurities and thus require accurate measurement with the aid of high-quality electrodes by Sentek.

Sentek are able to provide sensors that are designed with these applications in mind, such as our non-aqueous pH electrode.


In order to keep food on the table, the agricultural industry relies on quality soil containing just the right quantities of lime, nitrate, and fertiliser whilst minimising the quantities of heavy metals, ammonia, and phosphate.

Quality measurements of soil and agricultural runoff depend on accurate results from electrodes manufactured by industry leaders such as Sentek. Our electrodes accurately measure the pH levels in soil and can be used to maximise agricultural yield production by improving soil quality.


Various industrial applications require robust electrochemical testing with the aid of durable electrodes from Sentek. Our industrial electrode range is manufactured for accuracy and backed by years of experience for industrial settings such as semiconductor production, hydrofluoric acids from waste fluids and other acidic substances, and general manufacturing processes that require accurate and reliable results.

Our industrial electrodes are built to withstand tough conditions, including high pressure or temperatures, and are encased in durable, threaded bodies.

Paint, Inks and Dyes

The production of paints, inks, and dyes in industrial settings relies on accurate measurements of electrochemical properties in the product, as well as pH levels, conductivity, and more.

Sentek is a leading manufacturer of high-quality electrodes suitable for the testing and production of paints, inks, and dyes which enables producers to maintain consistency of product quality in accordance with design specifications.


pH is important in photographic processing because the solutions must remain within a specified pH range to produce good results.

Some photographic solutions are neither highly acidic nor highly alkaline but are closer to the neutral point, pH 7. Developer solutions measure on the alkaline portion of the pH scale, typically ranging from pH 9 to 12. Stop baths measure on the opposite end of the scale because they contain large amounts of acid; they typically have pH values of 1 to 3.

Because pH is so important to good processing, developers use highly accurate electrodes, like those provided by Sentek, to monitor pH levels during the process.

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