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Requested application notes:   Determination of Ammonia in waterDetermination of Bromide in waterDetermination of Calcium in animal foodstuffsDetermination of Calcium in serumDetermination of Calcium in soilDetermination of Calcium in waterDetermination of Calcium in waterDetermination of Chloride in soilMeasurement of Chloride concentration in chloride conc in waterDetermination of Chlorine in waterMeasurement of Cyanide in waterMeasurement of Cyanide in water in presence of heavy metal ionsDetermination of Aluminium ions using fluoride ion selective electrodeEstimation of Phosphate using fluoride ion selective electrodeDetermination of Fluoride in glassDetermination of Fluoride in vegetationAnalysis of Fluoride in waterDetermination of Iodide in waterDetermination of Nitrate in liquor used for beer preparationDetermination of Nitrate in plant tissueDetermination of Nitrate in soilsAnalysis of Nitrate in waterDetermination of the pH of mineral soilDetermination of the pH of silageDetermination of Potassium in glassDetermination of Potassium in serumDetermination of Potassium in soilsDetermination of Potassium in urineDetermination of Potassium in waterDetermination of Sodium in glassDetermination of Sodium in serumDetermination of Sodium in waterDetermination of Sulphate in waterDetermination of Sulphide in waterSample preparation and interferent removal for waste waters/effluent samplesDissolved Oxygen application adviceAdditional Note for pH Measurement in CheeseAdditional Note for pH Measurement in MayonnaiseAdditional Note for pH Measurement in SoilAdditional Note for pH Measurement low conductivity waterAdditional Note for pH Measurement of Pure WaterApplication Note for pH of Flat Surfaces

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