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Sentek is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pH, ISE, conductivity, and reference electrodes with the ability to customise the majority of our products with different caps, cables, and connectors depending on our clients’ needs. No matter the type of connection of your electrodes, we’ve got products to suit your requirements.

We also manufacture S7 range caps for unrivalled convenience and compatibility with almost all commonly-used meters, as well as the more robust S8 alternative for industrial applications.


From BNC to Jack connectors, we supply virtually any connector for a range of electrode types. When ordering or enquiring, consider the instrument you’re using, for example; most common for pH meters is a BNC connector, but if an integrated temperature is being used or for conductivity sensors a different connector will be required. For electrodes used in laboratory, industrial, food applications and more, simply specify the connector that’s compatible with your instrument when enquiring we will manufacture with a minimum order of just one electrode.


BNC connectors for pH electrodes are amongst the most commonly used connectors for combination pH electrodes in the UK. Their characteristic ‘lock and twist’ action makes them easy to use.


DIN connectors are predominant in continental Europe and typically come in 8pin variants. Sentek carries high-quality male and female DIN connectors for pH electrodes and meter base units.

CLSCH for S7/S8 Electrodes

CLSCH leads connect to S7/S8 electrode connector, and are commonly used in traditional sensors without temperature compensation. S7/S8 electrodes allow for a detachable cable, which is convenient in many applications.

2mm Pin

The 2mm pin connector is often used for reference electrodes, and many meters that have the capacity to plug in a separate reference electrode will most commonly require this connection type.

No. 7

No. 7 electrode connectors from Sentek are manufactured with accuracy and high-quality engineering methods to provide superior performance, durability, and compatibility for electrodes.


Simple but robust jack connectors using 3.5mm audio jack connections offer an excellent and cost-effective solution for pH electrodes used in various applications.


BANANA connectors are also commonly used for separate reference electrodes.

BNC Socket

BNC connectors are amongst the most popular worldwide for pH electrode connectors, and our BNC Socket connectors provide superb performance and durability.

8 Pin Din

The 8pin DIN pH electrode connector is one of the most common types of connectors used in Europe and is often sold as Mini-DIN with 8pin or higher counts for male and female connectors.

US Standard

As the name implies, US Standard pH electrode connectors were once widely used in the US and some electrodes still use them today. Our US Standard connectors provide superior performance and longevity.


LEMO electrode connectors are widely used in applications such as robotics and healthcare and they’ve developed the world-famous ‘push-pull’ connector now widely used around the world.

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S7 Cap Range

For unparalleled convenience and compatibility with almost any meter, look no further than our S7 range caps. These range of caps incorporate all of Sentek’s proven technical specifications on standard range electrodes but with a detachable cable, which enables quick and straightforward compatibility with most meters.

S7 electrode connectors are a popular choice for many applications, such as laboratory and in field applications, where time is of the essence and quick access to universal electrode connectors matters.

  • Quality – incorporates the benefits of Sentek’s superior engineering and performance
  • Universal – can be used with most electrode meters
  • Convenience – comes with a detachable cable


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