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Sentek is a leading UK manufacturer of pH, reference, ISE and conductivity electrodes suitable for a vast range of applications. Clients choose Sentek for electrodes and electrode accessories on account of our superior accuracy in manufacturing, all of which is regulated and in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Ideal for quality results in applications such as industrial, education, laboratories, food and beverage,  cosmetics, biotechnology, agriculture, environment, photography, and more, browse our collection of sensors below and order online today. The minimum order quantity is one, and we also provide batch supply quantities for commercial and industrial clients.

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Help and Advice

We have answered some of our customer’s most frequently asked questions about electrodes. If you still need your question answered after viewing these FAQs, our professional team offer free technical support for our customers both in the UK and abroad.

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Which pH electrodes can I buy online?

We offer a subset of pH electrodes available for delivery within 2-3 working days.
Click here to see the range.

What if I need an electrode that you don't list in your catalogue/website?

Please get in touch – we can make custom electrodes to fit most requirements.

How should I prepare my electrode for use?

Carefully remove the electrode from the packaging and remove the protective rubber or plastic protective “boot” from the tip. Some plastics can leave deposits on the sensing tip which will result in a slow response. Every effort is made to make sure this does not happen, but if you suspect this, then wipe the tip with a tissue soaked in propanol or soak the electrode in cleaning solution (791-15) for an hour.

How do I calibrate my electrode?

Please refer to the Calibration Instructions document.

How do I clean my electrode?

You can clean the tip of the electrode with a tissue soaked in propanol then place in pH buffer to rehydrate. To remove proteins of sample deposits, soak in cleaning solution (791-15) for 1-2 hours.
If working with food or blood products store the electrodes over-night in cleaning solution.


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