Introducing a new look for Sentek electrodes

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Author: Anna Brown

Date Posted: 08/09/2022

Available to pre-order today, next generation sensors offer updated features that draw on the years of hands-on experience that have shaped the electrode cap and refill seal, all whilst maintaining the same affordable price.

When we introduced the Sentek blue and orange cap in 1998, it’s striking colour and original shape was a fresh approach to lab and testing equipment that could, at times, be somewhat samey. Through innovative geometry and material experiences, the team at Sentek created something that was reassuringly reliable and enjoyable to use.

Whether used for testing biological samples in a laboratory, monitoring pH in a brewery, or the measurement of soil conductivity, the electrodes, and their striking cap design, brought the dependable experience that we expect from Sentek at an incredible price point. This has always been the purpose of Sentek’s electrodes, and now the product is only getting better.

Meet the next generation sensors by Sentek Ltd

We’re delighted to announce a new look for Sentek’s electrodes. This product has been meticulously crafted to deliver our Sentek signature premium feel and features in a sleek new design. Refillable electrodes are ready to use straightaway without the need to refill or remove dried Kcl solution through zero-leakage technology on a fully remodelled refill seal.

Materials have been a defining characteristic of our product design. From the robust ABS barrel to the flexible, durable properties of TPE, we’ve focused on creating a reliable solution that is easy to maintain.

Whilst fashioning a beautiful product we are also committed to practicality. In addition to being a perfect fit for standard electrode holders, the key range of electrodes will now feature sensor information and specification conveniently displayed on the electrode stem for easy identification.

These enhancements continue to demonstrate the team’s commitment to detail and to you, blending form and function so that you can carry out vital research, routine measurements or lessons in a chemistry classroom. We are delighted to offer next generation electrodes at the same great price.

“We’re thrilled to be launching this exciting new product upgrade which provides our customers with a stylish and reliable sensor” said Kenny Petrie, Sentek’s founder and Technical Director. “At our core, we constantly strive to provide our customers with exceptional quality at a reasonable price, and the features of this new design achieves just that.”

Contact the Sentek team at to pre-order today. Orders will begin shipping in 2023 and the new look cap and refill seal will be applied to the Sentek branded range of electrode.

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