pH Electrodes

From pH measuring devices used for testing levels in food products to those used in pool maintenance, we have the right product for you. Our range of pH electrodes are built in the UK and use a BNC connector to fit all common pH meters on the market. Sensors from Sentek are manufactured to the highest standards and full technical support.

Not sure what you need? See our guide to selecting the right pH electrode for more help and advice.

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Bespoke Electrode Solutions

Sentek has been manufacturing electrodes since 1991 from our manufacturing facility located in Essex, UK. Using the experience and industry know-how built up over the last 3 decades, we able to offer custom pH, reference, ISE and conductivity sensors built to suit your requirements.

All our electrodes manufactured with top-notch accuracy and precise engineering to ensure the very best products for our valued clients, with the added flexibility of a minimum order of just one electrode.

The quality of our manufacturing has made us the leading manufacturer of electrochemical sensors in the UK, with all of our products manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards.

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