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Accessories and Consumables

Browse our wide range of accessories and consumables, all of which have been tested and used with our pH, conductivity, and reference electrodes.

From bulb protectors and storage bottles to buffer capsules and cleaning solutions, our range covers everything that you’ll need to go along with our equipment.


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Sentek provides various solutions for our valued clients, that are compatible with our wide range of pH, conductivity, and reference electrodes.

Some of the solutions we stock include; standard ISE calibrating solutions and ionic strength adjustment buffers (ISAB) for ISE measurements; Dissolved oxygen electrode fill solutions and zero oxygen calibration solution; reference filling solutions of a wide range of strengths and formulations including KCl based solutions, gels, partial gels and dry tech gels; electrode storage solutions; electrode cleaning solution; redox standard solution, and more.

Our buffer capsules and buffer solutions are traceable to NIST standards to ensure the very best quality. We can provide solutions and gels in various sizes to meet your needs, and much of our range are ready-to-use from the bottle. We’re confident you’ll find suitable solutions from our wide selection found below, but if you have any special requirements please get in touch.

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Sentek stocks a wide selection of pH buffer capsules. Our high-quality buffer capsules enable the accurate and quick preparation of buffer solutions when mixed with deionised or distilled water.

We stock buffer capsules at various pH values, including pH4, pH7, pH9, and pH10. Each box contains 50 buffer capsules (5 vials of 10 capsules each), with each capsule making 100ml of solution. We also provide 500ml bottles of ready-to-use pH4 and pH7 buffer solution.

All of our buffer capsules have a longer shelf life than pre-made pH buffer solutions and therefore offer great value and quality for our clients. They are colour coded for ease of identification by the user, and have the advantages of easy storage and transportation.

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Electrode Accessories

Sentek carries a large stock of high-quality electrode accessories for multiple applications. If your industry uses electrodes then you’ll find plenty of accessories to protect and store your pH, conductivity, ISE, and reference electrodes safely and hygienically.

We carry various accessories such as bulb protectors (available in single or 3-packs), electrode storage bottles (single or 3-packs), flow through cells, NS14-15 adaptors, swing arm electrode holders, and much more.

Browse our selection of electrode accessories below and reach out to us if you have any enquiries regarding our products.

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