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Our 5 Most-Read Articles of 2022

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Author: Anna Brown

Date Posted: 06/02/2023

Before we dive into 2023, we wanted to look back and revisit some of our most popular news articles from last year. We covered many topics on our blog in 2022, from the launch of our all-new website to tips on how to choose the correct conductivity electrode.

Read on for a summary of our 5 most popular blogs from last year.

#1 Coming Soon! Stay tuned for our all-new website. In January, we celebrated the launch of our all-new website. A full overhaul of the site is designed with an intuitive layout, increased range of products, and enhanced functionality to make it easier for users to find what they need, quickly. Read more >

#2 The Use of Disposable and Non-Disposable pH Sensors in Medicine Production. Monitoring and controlling pH is critical to biopharmaceutical manufacturing to ensure the quality and yield of the final product. In this article we look at the use of single-use or disposable bioprocessing equipment. Learn more >

#3 Introducing a new look for Sentek electrodes. Exciting news! We’re launching a sleek new cap design and an innovative zero-leakage refill seal – no more dried KCl solution! The next generation design will be rolled out across the range of sensors, including pH, reference, conductivity and ISE electrodes. Read more >

#4 Choosing a Conductivity Electrode. Choosing the right conductivity electrode is important to ensure that the right product is being used to give the most accurate readings. In this informative article, we cover the factors to consider when choosing a sensor, as well as application advice when using the probe. Learn more >

#5 The Importance of Lab Testing for Food Products. Here we answer the question ‘Why is laboratory testing for beverages and food products essential?’, exploring how pH affects food and outline some food testing processes. Learn more >

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