From Founder and Technical Director, Kenny Petrie

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Author: Kenny Petrie

Date Posted: 07/09/2021

Today Sentek Ltd is in a position of strength due to our ongoing commitment to offering flexibility to our customers in the areas of design, innovation and chemical support and the proven ability to excel and grow in the face of one of the toughest years’ the world has had to endure.

In deciding who should take the business forward, we wanted someone with the right mix of business acumen, organisational skills, and industry experience. With that in mind I am extremely pleased to announce we have appointed Paul Cook as Managing Director.

Paul Cook joined Sentek in 2004 in the role of Customer Service Manager and quickly became a great resource for the company in all areas of the business operation. He was promoted to the board of the company in early 2017 in the role of Operations Director, during this time he has grown the business and built on the company’s success.

Now in his new role as Managing Director, Paul’s focus will be continuing the growth Sentek has seen over the last 30 years and securing business’s position as the UK’s number one manufacturer of electrochemical sensors, providing high quality products in a diverse range of markets and applications.

Looking forward to his new role, Paul has said “Having worked at Sentek for 17 years, it is a privilege and an honour to be able to take this tremendous company forward, to continue to offer world class products to our Customers and to guide the extremely talented and professional team within Sentek. I am looking forward to maintaining the high standards within Sentek and am indebted to Ken and Mike for entrusting me with the Managing Director Role. I am truly excited to see what we can achieve together in the coming years and to continue the success that Sentek has attained over the last 30 years.”

In addition, I welcome this opportunity to share the outstanding support Sam Bryant has demonstrated over the past five years’ as General Manager and recently during an extremely volatile period in Sentek’s history.

Samantha Bryant joined Sentek in 2000 gaining experience initially as a Personal Assistant to the Managing Director and Sales Director. Sam has since worked in every manufacturing, procurement and management role within in company, giving her the ultimate knowledge of Sentek’s products and processes.

Sam’s tremendous contribution has been her ability to learn fast and take on new challenges and responsibilities with ease. Sam took over from Donna as General Manager in January 2017 and has protected the foundation of collaboration, communication, and customer satisfaction Donna created as Co-Founder of Sentek. I want to thank Sam for her extraordinary contributions to Sentek and her support in the months and years ahead.

Please join me in congratulating Paul on his new role, and thanking Sam for her continued and exceptional support over the past 22 years.

As Sentek moves forward out of a turbulent 18 months, along with the rest of the country, we can reflect on those that have worked tirelessly to ensure the business emerges stronger than ever. Our Production Manager, Josh Hammond, has demonstrated the ability to cultivate talent and develop a world-class production operation under the most challenging of circumstances. I would like to thank him and everyone in his team for their outstanding support.

Sentek has also seen some changes to the Administration department with the appointment of Anna Brown as Sales and Marketing Administrator, and Bethany Benns replacing Chelsie Plumb in Customer Service. Chelsie has done stellar work for the company and has worked with Beth over the past weeks to ensure a smooth transition for our clients. I wish her well in her new endeavours.

I will continue my role as Technical Director, overseeing the development of bespoke electrodes, and ensuring Sentek continues to innovate and deliver first-class products to our clients as we have done for the past 30 years.

Sentek will continue to grow its home and export markets with the expansion of our research and development team. We also look forward to launching an extensive range of new products in the coming years, watch this space!

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