A Look Into The Food Processing Industry

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Date Posted: 06/01/2023

Just how big is the food processing industry? Believe it or not, but food and drink (also known as F&B – Food & Beverage) is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK. According to the Food & Drink Federation, F&B manufacturing contributed £30bn to the economy in 2021, and employs 468,000 people. The industry also plays a vital role in national security, ensuring that the food and drink supply chain is reliable and efficient.

With this in mind, it’s clear that food safety is critical. Consumers need peace of mind that the food they buy is safe to eat. And technology can help the food processing industry meet consumer expectations and maintain its rigorous standards.


How Food Probes Support The Food Industry

Electrochemical sensors like food probes are an essential part of any food manufacturer’s toolkit. These probes test pH levels in both food and drink products, including dairy items such as cream and cheese, breads and doughs, fish and meat, and beer.

Food electrodes are designed to make pH testing safe, fast, and easy. pH is important because foods with a low pH are resistant to microbiological growth and spoilage which could dangerously compromise food safety. From raw ingredients through to the finished product, testing with a food probe is the most reliable way to effectively monitor pH.

The Food & Drink Federation has also stated that 96% of the UK’s 11,675 food and drink manufacturing businesses are SMEs. These small and medium sized businesses often don’t have access to the same resources as larger companies. Another reason why investing in high quality equipment is vital: to maintain high standards, protect your reputation in the food processing industry, and grow your business through best practice.

P17 Flat Head Combination pH Electrode Diagonal View P29 Micro Food Penetration pH Probe Diagonal pH Knife Probe Kit Tip Attached Diagonal View

How Sentek help to promote food safety

Sentek provide a range of electromechanical sensors for the food processing industry. These food probes are designed to offer the precision and reliability that manufacturers require to maintain high standards of food safety.

We supply to businesses throughout the UK food processing industry, including breweries, the dairy industry, bakeries, and the meat and fish industries. To help you keep equipment in full working order, we can also supply a range of accessories including storage bottles, bulb protectors, buffer capsules and cleaning solutions. And our expert team is always on hand to recommend the right product for your specific application.

To help you choose the correct food probe for your requirements, we’ve developed an electrode selection chart, which makes it easy to find the probes that match your sample type. If you have a more bespoke request, we can manufacture a custom probe for your specific needs – right down to adding your company name to the probe. Contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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