A Brief Introduction to Redox Measurement

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Date Posted: 03/02/2022

Oxidation reduction potential measurement (or redox measurement) is a measurement that shows the oxidising or reduction potential of a particular substance. The unit measurement used is called the volt or millivolt. This can most accurately measure the potential of a substance to oxidise or reduce another substance.

The Theory of Redox

The term ‘redox’ is a combination of the terms ‘reduction’ and ‘oxidation’. When a chemical reaction involving two substances takes place, if one substance is oxidised, the other substance will be reduced.

Oxidation involves the shedding of electrons. This could be from an atom, a molecule or even an ion. Once oxidised, a substance’s oxidation state is increased. On the other hand, reduction involves the gaining of electrons. When a substance has been reduced, its oxidation state is decreased. Whenever oxidation activity takes place, reduction activity will also take place. The electrons that have been shed need to find another home, and electrons that have been gained must have come from another destination.

The two activities are complementary. It has been noted that there are five main types of redox reactions. These reactions are combination, decomposition, displacement, combustion, and disproportionation.

Redox Potential Instruments and Applications

The name of the instruments used to monitor the chemical reactions are known as metal electrodes. Because of their low resistance, they can measure a solution’s ability to become an oxidizing agent as well as its capability to quantify ion activity by declining electrons to an oxidant or allowing electrons from a redundant.

Metal electrodes are handheld devices that produce reliable measurements; however they should be interpreted as a range of operation as opposed to a single-point reading.

Measuring oxidation reduction potential is applied to many processes, including water treatment, dechlorination, hypochlorite bleach production, and cyanide destruction. It can also be used to control biological growth.

Sentek’s Range of Metal Electrodes

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