Q&A with Sentek Founder, Kenneth Petrie

Posted in: Company Updates

Author: Kenny Petrie

Date Posted: 18/08/2021

How did you become involved in the electrochemical sensor industry? I started in the electrochemistry industry as a scientific glassblower in Fife, I took a real interest in the product, and learned all about it. Working for the people that were the best in the...Read More

Why Measure The Conductivity of Water?

Posted in: Electrodes

Author: Sentek Ltd

Date Posted: 02/08/2021

Water conductivity measurement refers to testing a sample of water to see how well it can conduct an electrical current. Pure, distilled water has extremely low levels of conductivity, and so the presence of other elements can increase conductivity. For example, sea water contains a...Read More

A Guide to Reference Electrodes

Posted in: Electrodes

Author: Amy Measor

Date Posted: 01/07/2021

The purpose of a reference electrode is to provide a constant and defined potential. This potential is determined by the electrolyte inside the electrode, and the reference element used. Most electrodes are combination electrodes, meaning they combine a stable reference and a working cell (half-cell) in one...Read More

Why are educational electrodes an important tool?

Posted in: Applications, Electrodes

Author: Amy Measor

Date Posted: 24/05/2021

Since 1991 Sentek has been providing a range of electrochemical sensors for use in science, industry and education. Many schools and colleges will use educational electrodes as part of their practical lessons, to help educate students on measurement and analysis techniques. Measurement using pH sensors...Read More

How do ion selective electrodes work?

Posted in: Applications, Electrodes

Author: Amy Measor

Date Posted: 15/04/2021

Ion selective electrodes allow us to measure the activity of a specific ion in a sample, by measuring the potential of a measuring cell which has a membrane that is specific to a certain ion, against the potential of a reference cell. They allow fast...Read More

Measuring dissolved oxygen in water and why it’s important.

Posted in: Applications, Electrodes

Author: Amy Measor

Date Posted: 25/03/2021

Dissolved oxygen (DO) is a measure of how much oxygen is dissolved in water. It has important chemical and biological implications across a large range of applications that are vital for everyday life. We can study water sources to get an idea of the water...Read More

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