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Solid Gel Electrodes

Solid Gel Electrodes

These combination electrodes, employing the use of solid gel, were designed with the water industry very much in mind. Capable of being used with portable instruments, and on-line, they will give optimum performance in cold water. The gel retains salt, and maintains zero potential for a much longer period of time. The mechanical strength of the gel allows the use of a junction with a much higher porosity than previous designs. This benefits the user in the following ways:

  1. The response time to equilibrium is improved, especially at low temperatures. (high porosity = low temperature)
  2. Accuracy is improved duo liquid junction potentials, or “errors” in samples of different ionic strength being minimised

Therefore we have:

Fast response to equilibrium, Less frequent calibrations, Improved accuracy, Greater stability, Longer electrode life, and Optimum performance in cold water.

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