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Sensor Finder

Sensor Finder

This questionnaire is designed to help you consider all the important points when specifying a non-standard product. Simply tick the appropriate boxes or specify and we will respond with a Quotation to suit your needs.

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Application:    Laboratory Field Use Factory Use Industrial Education/Training Environmental Water Industry Wastewater Food Industry Other (fill in below)
Important Features:    Low Cost Robustness Reliability Easy to Handle Easy to Clean Precision Fast Response Long Cable Other (fill in below)
Problems with the current system used:    Short Lifetime Fragility Coating of Sensor Contamination Carry Over Cleaning Handling Inaccurate Readings Precision Signal Stability Linearity Reproducibility
Working Conditions   Temperature range:
°C to °C
  Conductivity Range:
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Medium   Specify: Composition, Critical Substances, aqueous/nonaqueous Solutions, etc.
  Specify: Consistence (Liquid, Gel, Colloid, Suspension, Slurry, Surface, etc)
  Specify: Purity (very pure, clear, cloudy, sandy, oily, etc)
Type:    Laboratory Long Stem Semi-Micro Industrial
Dimensions:    SENTEK Standard Other (fill in below)
Cable length:    1 Meter Other (fill in below)
  Other: meter(s)
Connector:   Specify instrument to be used
Body:    Glass Epoxy Stainless Steel Other (fill in below)
Membrane Protection:    None Removable Small Skirt Wide Skirt
Membrane:    Bulb Rod Spear Sharp Spear Flat (Surface Measurement) Robust Rod Virtually unbreakable spear (Food Industry)
Reference System:    Single Junction Double Junction Ag/AgCl Calomel Gel Filling Reference Solution refillable Bridge Solution Refill Hole Refill Side Arm
Junction:    1mm Diameter Ceramic Frit Annular Ceramic Annular Teflon Extra Large Annular Teflon Ground Glass Sleeve Glass Capillary
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